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Well-Being Programs Work

Your team is a big part of the success of your business. Just like any other asset your business has, you get to take care of them.

How well are your employees? And I don’t just mean PHYSICAL wellness. Are they stressed? Do they make decisions based on emotion? How connected are they to their co-workers and your customers? Are they engaged and productive at work? Are they exhausted when they go home at night? Do they take time to themselves?

Well-being is much more than paying for a gym membership. When you develop a well-being program that’s tailored to your employees you’ll see your healthcare costs decrease and your productivity increase.

If you had an investment opportunity for your business that could return six dollars for every dollar you put in, would you invest in it?

Invest in the well-being of your people and you can get that kind of return…or more!

The CoreBuilt WellBeing team is here to support you and do the heavy lifting for your employee well-being program.

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Design a comprehensive and effective corporate well-being program for 100 or more employees. Your program will be built to scale with your organization, but won’t lose out on the personal touch and accountability of successful programs.

Attracting and retaining talent is tough enough when you’re competing with big companies. Provide big company benefits to your employees and keep them firing on all cylinders to grow your company.

Already have a program and need some help creating and executing some campaigns? Or maybe you just want to run a couple of challenges. Our team can support you in creating a solution that works for your specific need.

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Program Management

We manage the program for you to save you time and resources.

Program Analysis

We talk pushups and P&Ls simultaneously. Our team will run the numbers and focus on the ROI for you.

Mobile App

Coaching, tracking and tons of content at your fingertips in an easy-to-use app.

Program Design

Each organization we serve is unique and so are the programs that we design.

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Discounted home gym equipment for your employees

Employee Support

Your employees can come to us for technical, program and coaching support.

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Healthy Employees
What we stand for

Well-Built Employees = Well-Built Companies

Well-being programs get to be fun, simple and effective. Don’t waste your time and resources for a program that only a small percentage of your employees will use. Let CoreBuilt Well-Being work with your team to boost program participation to meaningful levels.

Many employers provide some gym reimbursement benefits or onsite fitness facilities. But let’s be honest…the number of people that actually use these in a meaningful way is typically pretty small.

Well-being programs can be so much more. That’s why CoreBuilt looks at the five key areas of well-being: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.

Do you know what your ROI is on well-being spend?

Many companies don’t track it or don’t see a positive return.

We focus on the overall employee experience…knowing that the experience that your employees have will decrease health-related costs, increase productivity and increase retention.