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about us

Your Well-Being Company

We are your outcome-based well-being company focused on making health and well-being fun and engaging.

Well-being is typically tasked to employees who have other primary responsibilities. Our team serves as your well-being team. Partner with experts in well-being to serve your employees, and save you money and time. 

We even back our programs with our guarantee!


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Our History

In 2008, one of our founders, Josh, was working 50+ hours per week sitting at a desk, drinking 4+ sodas a day, eating out and barely getting any exercise. He was always tired. He was not healthy. He was not his best at work or at home.

Then in 2009, he joined a new company who had made significant investments in employee well-being. While he initially joined the program for the insurance discounts, he soon learned to love fitness and wellness and got on a track to a much healthier lifestyle.

Thank goodness he did, because in early 2011, Josh was diagnosed with a rare fungal disease. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks, had scores of tests and a major exploratory surgery. His chances of survival were slim.

After a successful surgery and treatment, Josh was able to recover at home. As he was leaving, his surgeon commented that being in good physical shape most likely saved his life.

It’s highly likely that being a part of a company that cared about the well-being of its employees saved his life. Without the encouragement, support and structure of the program Josh most likely would not have been inspired to create a healthier lifestyle. It’s likely he wouldn’t be here today.

CoreBuilt WellBeing was established to support small and medium sized companies in creating a culture of well-being.

We know firsthand the impact that employee well-being programs can have on the lives of your employees and we’re passionate about creating those opportunities for you and your employees. Our goal is to create an affordable and scalable solution that gets you and your employees results.

Partner with us and see the impact on your business:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Decrease absenteeism costs
  • Decrease presenteeism costs
  • Decrease turnover
As an employer, you have a huge impact on the employees and your communities. CoreBuilt WellBeing is your premier partner in creating well-being programs with guaranteed results.