Small Business Well-Being Solutions

Small Business WellBeing Solutions

Starting Your Small Business Well-Being Program

Small businesses have a unique culture and needs for a well-being programs. That’s why we created a small-business solution that’s affordable and scalable. It gives you and your employees access to a full-feature well-being program designed to fit your needs. We start with the basic program outlined below and use our process to build a program that’s right for your employees.

Off-the-shelf solutions simply don’t work. Getting the support of real humans that know how to engage with and inspire people is critical to the success of your well-being program.

All of our programs are backed by our guarantee:

Year 1: Minimum 50% of eligible employee participation

Year 2: Minimum 7% improvement in total company well-being (as measured by our proprietary AVER score)

Year 3: Positive ROI

If we don’t achieve those benchmarks, we’ll continue working with you for free until we achieve those benchmarks.

Small Business Well-Being Program

  • App & online content center access for all eligible employees (families available too)
  • Personal Health Assessments
  • Personal Goal Setting Guide
  • Accountability Coaching
  • 4 Well-Being Campaigns Per Year
  • Access to on-demand workouts, nutrition and mindfulness content
  • Customized Incentives and Reward Program
  • Employee Discount for Home Gym Equipment
  • Optional Add-Ons (HRAs, Biometric Screenings)
  • AVER Assessment
  • Annual Planning with Quarterly Check Points
  • Participation Guarantee
  • Well-Being Improvement Guarantee
  • ROI Guarantee