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The CoreBuilt Well-Being team is focused on providing 5 star service to you and your employees. You’ll find that our team comes from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds so we can best serve the goals of your organization.

Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller
Content & Partner Relationships

Brandon started Taekwondo at the young age of five and hasn’t stopped! In his career he’s coached tens of thousands of people in their health and wellness journey.


He’s a practicing 6th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has an incredible knack for meeting people where they are and showing them what is possible in body, mind and spirit.

Kathleen Riessen
Kathleen Riessen
Partner Strategist

Kathleen started her career as a public auditor for a global accounting firm. She then moved on to start a results-driven marketing agency and ran that for ten years.

Now, she is a high-end executive coach, business strategist, author and speaker. She works with our partners to understand the results that they want to create and how  employee well-being can be a central part of that strategy.

Cindy Collingwood
Employee Coaching

Cindy is a natural coach and always there to give you a hug, a high-five, or kick your butt with love . . . whatever you need at the moment!


Cindy has a powerful story in her struggle with weight loss and self-image. She’s overcome so much in her life and now she loves to pay it forward and coach others in loving themselves and creating healthy lifestyles.


Cindy holds her nursing license and is an ACE Certified Health Coach.

Josh Riessen
Josh Riessen

Josh has over 15 years of experience in everything from large company leadership roles to running his own small businesses. He knows first-hand how much impact an employer can have on employees, families, and communities.


He’s determined to create a world where people get to put life into their years, years into their lives, and organizations get to thrive to create new jobs and opportunities for the world they serve. 

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